Trip Report: 5 Countries in 20 Drawings (#4)

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Ah, the Jersey Shore. 

It’s time for our annual family reunion. We fill the beach house to bursting with anticipation and good will…along with big personalities, creativity, Tasty Cakes, board games, glitter, and a little attitude. It’s all for one and every man for himself! Choose your own adventure. 

Walks on the beach. Bike rides on the boardwalk. Performances. Food and more food. I’d like to say it was nothing but good, but that’d be pure puffery. It is family after all, and mine at that. Complicated, messy, and intense. And glorious. I do love them all. 

Drawing #4

At Ocean City, New Jersey

This was a hard one to do. Multiple realities: inside, outside, and reflection-all overlapping in a soft blurry frame. That about sums up the week. 

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  1. Rita

    love, love the description
    this painting is so interesting, all the angles and things we can see in them!

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