ought she had great experience of the film, especially like detective reasoning film. He thought, replaced the white Minako, is an ordinary woman of the times. Out of Azuo Valley Station, walked slowly back to the apartment on the road, repair one said I want to find things to do. You do not stay at Lpi Certification school It s not a decision. It s not easy for you to get married and stay in college. Minako went down and said softly, The bitterness is for me so that you can end the research life. Oh, that s not the case, he laughed, but I do not think it s appropriate for me to do research. Minako hurriedly caught his arm and leaned over his shoulder and said, Do not mention that now, let s go back Xiuyi silently stroking her hair. A few minutes back to the apartment. A low cost condominium built of double plaster. On the second floor, into the house lit a lamp, repair a bright, that the wrong room. Everything in good order, curtains for a new, water blue walls to change, thewhole room became bright as bright. The original small square of 20 square meters, like the point of a magic like face lift. Repair an incredible like a fixed motionless. Do you like it or not Minako asked timidly. Ah Yes, of course. Would you be magic Minako happy smile and smile. Careful look, even the bed are paved, a quasi LPIC-2 it exam bed layout. Repair is asking, I saw Minako blushing LPIC-2 said I think you may be tired, and soon to rest Immediately Repair a staring Minako. Minako went to

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
117-151 Lpi Level 1 Exam 101(with dpkg) Lpi LPIC-2
117-199 Ubuntu Level 1 Exam Lpi LPIC-2
117-201 LPI level 2 Exam 201 Lpi LPIC-2
117-202 LPI Level 2 Exam 202 Lpi LPIC-2