all gave a great encouragement and provided sponsorship, I would like to take one of the corner of the book to express their most sincere thanks The drama depicts the history of Baekje as a historical background, not only through the Baekje royal family and the studio of the importance of science and technology described Baekje the Microsoft Certification Microsoft Certification thirtieth generation monarch Wu Wang AD 600 641 reign, when China Sui Tang early rugged Ups and downs of life experience, but also tells a section of Wu Wang potato child and good flower Princess beautiful and rough love. Baekje 27 Daiwaido AD 578 In the day before the Baekje ritual, he washed his body in accordance with the rules, and could not be near a woman. At this moment, he was in the evening by a dancer fascinated, with her overnight. Because of this thing, Wade King, including his nephew Fuyu declared to And the impeachment of the opposition aristocracy. Anxious Wade King completely deny that happened the previous day, while the dancers were also expelled from the court, and later, dancers in five Temple Malone pool gave birth to a child, selling yam for a living. The child is the child boy, the name Zhang Fu Yu Zhang. Potato boy hours was passed to the bad boy, always in trouble, so his mother Yan Jia Mausoleum in the palace of the degree of Dr. Wood Luo to be, let Microsoft Certification it exam him educate potato child. However, the wood to be becaus

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