Art Lessons

amy in jens (web)Meet the Teacher
Your personal guide into the world of drawing and painting.



How to Hold a Pencil
A fundamental first step on mastering the art of drawing.



Urban sketch 1-15Basic Composition

Learn the fundamentals of overall design, creating focus, and an eye path.





Location Drawing: An Introduction

Learn to experience the world through sketching on location.



thecolorgreenLocation Drawing: Basic supplies
Find out what you need and what you don’t!



Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 8.42.43 PMLocation Drawing: Getting started
Step by step instructions on beginning, middle, and end.



ricefactory1Location Drawing: Mapping it out
Step by step instructions to insure everything fits!



Urban Sketch 1-13Location Drawing: Simplifying the figure
Step by step on getting your standing figure in perfect proportion.




Urban Sketch 1-12Location Drawing: Drawing a crowd
Don’t be intimated by the mob. Simple tips on capturing groups of figures.




ricefactory4Location Drawing: Pencil, ink, and color
Step by step instructions on one working method.