Location Drawing: drawing a crowd

“Take yourself seriously, but not too seriously.”  -Amy

If you think about it, “drawing a crowd” has two meanings for the Location Sketcher.   The first is a sketching issue, the second a spectator issue.  In this installment, we’re dealing with the former rather than the latter.


When faced with multiple moving figures in an environment, a beginning artist might feel something akin to panic.  No problem!!  If you are willing and able to simplify and interpret, the job gets a whole lot easier.

Step 1:  look for the overall shape of the crowd and place it in proportion to its environment (if there is one).


Step 2:  insert a bunch of egg heads.  Looks like people already right?!

crowded2 Step 3:  locate the mid point  (it’s all legs below that)  See:  Simplifying the Figure


Step 4:  add other stuff  (you can indicate hair, clothes, arms, hats, whatever!)


If you want to put in detail, do it in the front!  Once the viewer recognizes the specific form (in this case it’s people) all those scribbles in the back will look like people too.  Trust me.  Use a minimum of information.  Let the viewer fill in the rest.  It gives them something to do and makes them feel good.