Website Revamp

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Hello dear friends! I’ve been busy revamping the website and am ready to share it with the world. It is a work in progress and new images are being added daily. Stay tuned and keep in touch! Ta Da!! (you … Continued

The Old and New

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In Thailand, the old and the new are layered like a patchwork quilt. Many days I passed this scene, at scooter speed, failing to notice the northern Thai dwelling hidden between more contemporary elements: hotel, water tower, fence. A magnificent … Continued

Bowing at the Shan Temple

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  Bowing at the Shan Temple I hadn’t planned on drawing today; there were too many other things on the agenda. But it called me, the city so inviting, my body longing for the physical. Lately I’d been spending far … Continued

Atlantic City

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Note from Amy: The following is an excerpt from my memoir, “Honey.” Mother had given me the precious photograph, and I lost it. Many things disappear from the life of a gypsy. Mother remarked she had used up an entire page of her … Continued

Vegetable Vendor at Warorot

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Note from Amy:  My piece of writing “The Little Burmese Tout in Training,” was published online just a few days ago. Check it out! She sat in a nest of vegetables, her white hair tied up in a bun … Continued

A Lost Umbrella in Malasia

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“Dragon Umbrella”  8″x 10″ mixed media I lost my umbrella in Malaysia. I noticed its absence as soon as I started packing and a small panic set in. It was the morning of our departure and after four days of … Continued