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We stared at the blue dot pulsating on the GPS. Oh. There we are. Not helpful at all. Distrustful of navigational systems, I’ve witnessed first hand the blind trust of others leading to construction sites and impassable brick walls. It’s … Continued

Chedi at Wat Pan Tao

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  “Chedi at Wat Pan Tao” size, mixed media,* 28″ x 42′ The pra chedi of Wat Pan Tao was under repair. Bamboo scaffolding echoed its elegant shape pointing up to the heavens. From around the corner, the chedi appeared … Continued

About Nancy: How to fix a drawing

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The evening proved lively: wine and appetizers on the patio, playing badminton in our cocktail dresses, dinner, and then drawing. In her studio/office/workout space, Nancy and I crouched on the floor, sketching ourselves in the mirror. My piece started out fine, but … Continued

Website Revamp

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Hello dear friends! I’ve been busy revamping the website and am ready to share it with the world. It is a work in progress and new images are being added daily. Stay tuned and keep in touch! Ta Da!! (you … Continued

The Old and New

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In Thailand, the old and the new are layered like a patchwork quilt. Many days I passed this scene, at scooter speed, failing to notice the northern Thai dwelling hidden between more contemporary elements: hotel, water tower, fence. A magnificent … Continued

Bowing at the Shan Temple

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  Bowing at the Shan Temple I hadn’t planned on drawing today; there were too many other things on the agenda. But it called me, the city so inviting, my body longing for the physical. Lately I’d been spending far … Continued

Atlantic City

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Note from Amy: The following is an excerpt from my memoir, “Honey.” Mother had given me the precious photograph, and I lost it. Many things disappear from the life of a gypsy. Mother remarked she had used up an entire page of her … Continued