Monks at the Mini-Mart

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Living in Thailand I’ve become accustomed to the sound of monks chanting.  On any given day in the old city of Chiang Mai, you can walk by one of many wats (temples) and hear their deep voices reciting the words … Continued

100 Days Project

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“Choose a creative exercise and then repeat it every day for 100 days.  With your daily creation see what evolves in the work and in yourself.”   It’s New Years Day, at least in the Western hemisphere.  Day One of … Continued

Christmas in Thailand

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It was Christmas morning in Thailand and so cold I woke up dreaming I was back in Seattle. Over the past month or so, the country had been experiencing unusually low temperatures and all residents were reaching into their closets for long sleeve shirts … Continued

In Search of Stupas

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stu·pa (noun):  a monumental pile of earth or other material, in memory of Buddha or a Buddhist saint, and commemorating some event or marking a sacred spot.  In Thailand the stupas (also called chedis) have taken the form of a … Continued

Art Interrupted

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  How do you know when a work of art is finished?  What are the signs that it’s time to stop, to walk away and call it good…or at least good enough?  I’ve often said that painting is a metaphor … Continued

Drawing the Shed

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The second I laid eyes on that crumbling shed I knew I had to draw it. Located on the property of good friends Jeff and Carol, the tiny building looked like it might collapse if a birdie sat on it. … Continued