Vegetable Vendor at Warorot

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Note from Amy:  My piece of writing “The Little Burmese Tout in Training,” was published online just a few days ago. Check it out! She sat in a nest of vegetables, her white hair tied up in a bun … Continued

A Lost Umbrella in Malasia

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“Dragon Umbrella”  8″x 10″ mixed media I lost my umbrella in Malaysia. I noticed its absence as soon as I started packing and a small panic set in. It was the morning of our departure and after four days of … Continued

Happy to go, Sorry to Leave

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When I arrived in the United States three months ago, my artist heart longed for the colors of Thailand.  In the studio I painted beach huts, abandoned sheds, jungle greenery.  My palette, hopelessly dislocated, reflected heat back up to me in … Continued

The Burma Project

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  Mission:  One drawing per day for 27 days.  Drawn on location.  The goal is to capture the hearts and minds of the people of Myanmar with art.  Document the work and record observations then leave the drawings there as … Continued

Painting Thailand in America

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“Abandoned Shed”  oil on canvas 36″ x 36″ After such a long absence, unpacking my art supplies felt like a grand reunion with beloved friends. My oil paints were just where I left them, laying side by side shrouded in … Continued

Barber Shop

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Chiang Mai, Thailand.  A barber shop sits tucked away on a little side street, customers and spectators alike gathering outside. Open to the air, the shop is cool enough this morning but the green metal fan is turned on just the … Continued

Hippy Hut

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  “The Hut”  8″x 10″ Mixed media on no name sketchbook paper. Southern Thailand, unnamed Island.  I have moved from a bungalow to a hut.  I’m not entirely sure what the difference is but this little dwelling has hut written all … Continued

Hotel Rattanasin: In the Mirror

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Ranong, Thailand.  A town that shares a border with Burma and is gateway to some of the prettiest islands off the coast.  I stayed a few nights at the Hotel Rattanasin, an aged beauty with steep wooden stairways and high ceilings. … Continued

New Neighbors in Thailand

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  There is a small grocery store that sits just across the street from our new house, not much more than thirty feet away.  We have learned during our first ten days in the neighborhood that this little store is … Continued