Under Construction

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“Construction workers”    mixed media 2013 How would you describe a stereotypical construction worker?  Where I come from, he’s a big, burly guy wearing a tool belt and blue jeans.   There’s the required safety helmet, sunglasses, shiny orange vest, and … Continued

Scooter World

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Around here, life happens on the back of a scooter.  Sure, there are other modes of transportation such as bicycles, cars, taxis, and even the colorful tuk tuks, but no doubt about it… scooters rule. Scooters have their own set … Continued

Gecko Books

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Being a coffee lover, I am delighted to report there are coffee shops are all over Chiang Mai.  You can’t walk down the street without encountering one.  I don’t know if this is a result of an influx of caffeine … Continued

A Traveling Artist

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I have completely forgotten where we were actually heading that night when the big thunderstorm hit, but when weather and fate intervene you just roll with it.  It was especially warm that evening, Jimmy and I walking hand in hand … Continued

Three Monks

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This morning I arrived in the old city earlier than usual and already it was a beehive of activity. The vendors were setting up their stands, tuk tuks drove by noisily with black fumes shooting out the tailpipes.  Young tourists … Continued

Same Same but Different

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I had a dream I was back in Seattle.  It was nighttime and I was giving a tour of Pioneer Square to three women.  I felt somewhat alarmed and thought, “What the hell!  How did I get back here?”  My … Continued