The Burma Project Presentation:  27 Drawings in 27 Days

A multi-media presentation by artist Amy D’Apice

 International artist Amy D’Apice presents “The Burma Project,” a lively multimedia presentation about art, culture, and travel.  Amy will share her recent experience in Myanmar, a Southeast Asian country still largely hidden from the eyes of the world.  To begin to understand and relate to the people and places in this fascinating, rich, and often misunderstood culture, Amy made it her mission to create one drawing a day for 27 days.

Using photographs, drawings, music, and storytelling, she’ll share the beauty, humor, challenges, and humanity of one of the world’s most interesting countries.

Performance dates:

August 8 2013; Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, Bainbridge Island, Washington
September 14, 2013; Bainbridge Co-Housing; Bainbridge Island, Washington
October 21, 2013; Art Center Sarasota, Sarasota, Florida
July 24, 2014; Art Institute of Seattle, Seattle, Washington
May 11, 2015; Chiang Mai Travel Club, Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Burma Project Presentation is available for future bookings.  Please contact

Burma Project Drawings Posted:

Day 3 (Lucky Money)
Day 6 (Woman on Train)
Day 8 (Black House Coffee)
Day 16 (Phoung Phoung)
Day 17 (Betel Nut Shop)
Day  20 (Kandawgyi Lake Hotel)
Day 26 (Shine Construction) 

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To see the entire set of the Burma Project Drawings, go to:

Black House Coffee
Black House Coffee
Black House Coffee

From Amy:  

Who knew?  What began as a desire to share The Burma Project with others has become a veritable one woman show!  At first it was a “lecture,” then a “presentation,” and before long I needed music, props, and a costume change.  The Burma Project Show debuted on August 8th at the beautiful new Bainbridge Island Museum of Art to a standing room only crowd.  It was such a pleasure to share The Project with such a receptive and appreciative audience.  It is time for the people of Myanmar to shine and I am more than happy to do my part.