Upcoming classes for 2022-23!

All classes are six weeks and include a private Facebook group for sharing and critique.  $150 More info: amydapice@gmail.com 

Wabi Sabi Watercolor 

Tuesdays, December 6-January 10

7PM-8:30PM EST (Check your local time) 

6 weeks. $150

The classic returns!

 The perfect (pun intended) watercolor class for students of all levels! All new projects! 

Wabi Sabi is defined as the celebration of imperfection. In this case, we embrace the practice of watercolor by letting go a little and seeing what the medium has to teach us. In addition to tried and true methods, we’ll explore the unconventional. Watercolor makes a lively base for other media such as ink, marker, colored pencil, etc. Layering can be liberating! 

Class includes a private Facebook group or sharing and instructor critiques. Student not on Facebook may receive critique via email. 

Topics include:

-why does my paper hate me? 

-how do I get those rich colors? 

-embracing brush strokes

-the unexpected joy of wet on wet

-scraping with a credit card and other unorthodox methods

 Visage: Heads and Portraits in line and watercolor

The hardest workshop you’ll ever love. Painting portraits is one of the hardest skills to master. In this class, you’ll begin with the generic human head and work up to describing specific individuals. You’ll learn to draw the structure of the face (and hands) as well as tools to determine what makes each of us uniquely different.

Class includes a private Facebook group or sharing and instructor critiques. Student not on Facebook may receive critique via email. 

Wednesdays, December 7-January 11

7PM-8:30PM EST (Check your local time) 

6 weeks. $150

Playful Perspective

Learning perspective doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, this class makes it fun!! Students will come away understanding which rules must be followed and which ones can be bent, disregarded, exaggerated, and otherwise messed with! 

Each class will focus on one or two principles of perspective. After some practice sketching, students will use what was learned to create a lively and colorful composition in ink and watercolor. There will be a variety of subject matter used: objects large and small, buildings, cars, maybe even a swimming pool! Perspective drawing has never been this fun. Homework included, but optional.

Class includes a private Facebook group or sharing and instructor critiques. Student not on Facebook may receive critique via email. 

Thursdays, December 8-January 12

7PM-8:30PM EST (Check your local time)

6 weeks. $150

Later in 2023!

Wabi Sabi Watercolor

Tuesdays, January 31-March 7

7PM-8:30PM EST (Check your local time) 

Figures in Environments

Wednesdays, February 1-March 8

7PM-8:30PM EST (Check your local time)

House and Garden

Thursdays, February 2-March 9

7PM-8:30PM EST (Check your local time) 

KANUGA Watermedia Workshop

Fearless Mixed Media: Travel Edition with Amy Dapice

Create loose and fabulous artwork without worrying about “making a mistake.”

Beginning with a foundation of watercolor, students learn to layer and build images using gouache, ink, acrylic, colored pencil, and much more. Every “correction” becomes an opportunity for something wonderful to happen.

Starting with vivid images of architecture and environments from across the globe, students will use the building blocks of simplification and composition to interpret these scenes and make them come alive on the page. 

Take a trip around the world via your pen and brush! The class will produce from three to five finished pieces. No passport necessary. 

KANUGA is held every spring in the foothills of Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. In 2023, gathering at the Montreat Conference Center in Montreat, NC, 18 miles east of Asheville, near the delightful town of Black Mountain.

Kanuga Watermedia Workshops is known for its eclectic, A-list Watermedia workshops taught by the world’s most respected artists. The workshops offer each student a choice of eleven instructors, independent study or open studio. Our award-winning instructors have been chosen for their ability to help painters develop and advance their skills.
Painting is always a learning experience. Our goal is to help painters sharpen their critical awareness and discover painting gratification.
​All levels of painters are invited. 

Join the fun. 
Make new friends. 
Take in the beauty.

Registration now open: https://www.kanugawatermediaworkshops.com


Payments can be made via Paypal: amydapice@gmail.com or by other arrangement. Write for details.

Times are hard for many. If cost is prohibitive, please let me know and we’ll work something out.

Please feel free to request additional info regarding course specifics. Also, share with anyone else who might be interested! Stay safe out there.