Quarantine Hotel and Art Studio

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The Hotel Clover Asoke, Bangkok
In the Mirror Series http://artconspiracy.net/drawing-gallery/in-the-mirror-series/

It’s quiet in my quarantine. There are no voices, no rattling of dishes or the random cough. From my window, the bustle of Bangkok is like a silent film. 

I listen for one particular sound-a soft bell signaling a meal has arrived. Lately, I’ve been rushing to the door in an attempt to thank the server, only to be met with an empty hall covered in plastic. My breakfast sits just outside the door on a small dedicated cube-like table. It is also wrapped in plastic as is the meal.

Truth be told, I wouldn’t mind a bit of human contact. 

If I’m making quarantine sound dramatic, that’s because it is. I find myself musing about all the incarcerated souls out there who spend years pacing around a small room. As for me, I have a cushy bed, a flat screen TV, and a chaise lounge in the corner. So no complaints really. But spending a solid week inside one room requires a person to come up with new survival strategies. 

My quarantine art classes have been a life saver. Every day (at ungodly hours to accommodate the West), I teach drawing and painting. I feel a sense of purpose and camaraderie.  

I’ve started a collection of plastic juice bottles. They come with most of my meals and are quite elegant. The colored liquids are intriguing to me (and come from mysterious Thai fruits) so I rarely drink the entire amount. I’m planning to use them as the subject for a watercolor still life. See how it is? 

My window provides a grand view of the city and has become a study in contrast. The high rise buildings are same-same but different depending on time of day and weather. I’ve done a few studies, but none to my satisfaction. 

After my first negative Covid test, I was allowed access to the “relaxation zone.” I put on an outfit and earrings, as if going on a date. It turned out to be a small area on the roof, too hot to linger and absent comfortable seating. I was back in my room in about five minutes. 

It’s a unique adventure, this quarantine business. I get sprung tomorrow and now that the end is in sight, I’m starting to think fondly on it. 

See you on the other side. 

ps. I finally got to the door in time to meet the delivery lady! She was dressed from head to toe in protective gear and looked a little taken aback to see me. 

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  1. Joseph Gorman

    Love the story and the artwork. Looking forward to seeing the plastic juice bottles still life. Stay positive, Amy. All things must pass.

  2. Renee Levin

    It is now 2022 ..hope you are well and happy.. I enjoyed rereading you story and Looking at your drawings..wish I could be in one of your classes..

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