Trip Report: 5 Countries in 20 Drawings #12

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Vincci Baixa, Lisbon

Even the most seasoned traveler comes up against the unknown. In this case, it was my next lodging. I had enjoyed my three days of relative calm, but it was time to pack my bags again. Booking on the fly can be very expensive, and I ended up at the ultra-fancy Vincci Baixa in the busiest part of Lisbon. The hotel was old but my room quite modern with a wall of smoked mirror, floor to ceiling. 

I felt adrift and had no plan for my next move. So I walked and walked the streets of Lisbon, finding Wabi Sabi around every corner, until my feet gave out and I returned to the white linen and mood lighting. 

Next installment: Taking the plane (no, make that a train) to Faro. 

Street sketching!

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Project Description:
For more than three months I traveled-Thailand, the US, England, Portugal, and Spain. Drawing and painting is a powerful way to capture a specific place and time. Here are 20 works documenting the epic journey. They are not pictures of the most beautiful sights, or historical treasures, but rather a documentation of where I slept along the way. They represent a jumping off point for remembrance. 

In the Mirror series here Drawings and paintings done on location whenever I am away from home. An artist/traveler’s visual diary. 

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