Trip Report: 5 Countries in 20 Drawings #14

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AT INA’S in Santa Lucia, Portugal

At the start of this trip, I had convinced myself I didn’t need internet on my phone. There’s WiFi everywhere in Europe right? Coffee shops on every corner! Who needs GPS anyway?

In my defense, I had planned on having a personal escort shepherd me hither and thither, but nonetheless my flippant assessment proved entirely wrong. Upon arrival at the quaint and empty train station in Tavira, there was no WiFi, no coffee shop, no English, and no way to contact my friend to come and fetch me. I hauled my bags (apparently now filled with bricks) into town in search of modern communication. Lesson learned. 

Ina’s place with its fabrics, trinkets, and eclectic furniture, felt like home after weeks in hotel rooms. My friend fed me her favorite foods and guided me around Santa Lucia, a fishing village at the edge of the Algarve. We talked about poetry, art, marriage, and travel, all under the bluest of skies. We had met in Thailand and now sat swapping stories half way across the world. 

Next stop: Holiday Inn Express….Yes!


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Project Description:
For more than three months I traveled-Thailand, the US, England, Portugal, and Spain. Drawing and painting is a powerful way to capture a specific place and time. Here are 20 works documenting the epic journey. They are not pictures of the most beautiful sights, or historical treasures, but rather a documentation of where I slept along the way. They represent a jumping off point for remembrance. 

In the Mirror series here Drawings and paintings done on location whenever I am away from home. An artist/traveler’s visual diary. 

  1. Rita

    Beautiful crisp frame and furniture with smoky reflection. You really have a gift to have these places come alive.
    I love the internet independence myth story

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