On the Road again

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“Jackie’s room” Watercolor and Collage. In the Mirror Series The goal of the traveler is to fully experience. The goal of the artist is to express that experience. My “In the Mirror” series is a journal of sorts. Whenever I … Continued

Done, not done.

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Contrary to popular opinion, an art exhibit is not the culmination of the work, but rather the start of something. The next something.  While it is tempting to take a break, there is little time for celebration, or even the … Continued

The Artistic End Game

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For me, the painting process has three distinct stages.  The first stage is my favorite. It’s a honeymoon where everything is new and full of possibility. There is an intention, but not a fixed destination. As a matter of fact, … Continued

The Pipeline

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Occasionally I complete a drawing or a painting in one fell swoop. Start to finish, without pause.  But this is the exception, not the rule. In my studio, there are always multiple pieces in progress. Stacked against the walls, paintings … Continued

Collage Land

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What IS collage anyway? In addition to the defining elements of paper and glue, collage conjures up images of bold and colorful shapes-hard edged forms juxtaposed with texture, pattern, and line.  I’m currently living in a collage.  The visual landscape … Continued

About that Gelli plate…

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After years of sitting on the bottom shelf, unopened and brand new, I released the Gelli Plate from its packaging. What is a Gelli Plate you ask? A Gelli Plate is a “reusable printing surface made of non-perishable gel.” In … Continued

A Mural for Elke

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What makes painting a mural so different from other kinds of painting? You might think it’s because of scale, although murals aren’t necessarily big. In fact, they come in all shapes and sizes. I’ve done a few over the years, … Continued

A New Studio

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A monsoon rain poured down, leaking through the roof. Papers left in the danger zone became a soggy mess and mold threatened the honey based watercolor paint. On one side of the room, jungle vines snaked in between the screens … Continued


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Chiang Mai is messy…in a good way. Despite being an ancient city, there is an ever present fertility that expresses itself in weedy plants, rotting garbage, and thatched roofs in need of overhaul. While temples may feel like fortresses, the … Continued

In the Mirror: a decade of drawing

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Living a creative life requires two opposing forces, freedom and discipline. The freedom part comes easily to me, although I can’t take much credit as it agrees with my natural state of being. Any discipline I possess has been hard … Continued