Many, if not most, artists use photography as source material for their work. Thanks to technology, cameras, and the internet, we have access to a wealth of visual resources. Unfortunately, art based on photographic images is often overworked, excessively de- tailed, and can look like a copy rather than original art.

This multi-media drawing workshop explores multiple strategies and techniques en- couraging the use of photographic source as a springboard, rather than a restriction, for self expression. Using lecture, discussion, demos, critique, and drawing techniques, this intensive course teaches students how to use photographic reference as the point of departure for creativity.

Subject matter will include landscape, cityscape, the figure, and still life. Media includes ink, marker, pencil, watercolor, and whatever else you’ve got!


  • –  How to interpret rather than copy
  • –  Applying the lessons learned from working in the real world
  • –  Creative editing and embellishing
  • –  Inventing color when using black and white photographs
  • –  Why working from a bad photograph can be a good idea
  • –  Why you can’t trust photos to tell the “truth”
  • –  Photoshoots and basic photo manipulation techniques