Spring Classes 2022!


The Amazing Thumbnail! -a 2 hour workshop

Thumbnails are a powerful and effective tool to have in your artistic arsenal. Much more than “small” drawings, these little gems teach students one of the most important strategies for creating art…simplification. Utilizing the elements of composition, shape, line, value, and color (just to name a few), thumbnails are a quick way to analyze and preplan your artwork and save you lots of heartache later. 

In this workshop, students will learn why and how thumbnails are used as well as clear techniques for execution. And it will be fun! 

ZOOM Classroom

Saturday, April 23 at 6-8PM EST (check your local time)

Cost: $40


Playful Perspective!

Learning perspective doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, this class makes it fun!! Students will come away understanding which rules must be followed and which ones can be bent, disregarded, exaggerated, and otherwise messed with! 

Each class will focus on one or two principles of perspective. After some practice sketching, students will use what was learned to create a lively and colorful composition in ink and watercolor. There will be a variety of subject matter used: objects large and small, buildings, cars, maybe even a swimming pool! Perspective drawing has never been this fun. Homework included, but optional.

Class includes a private Facebook group or sharing and instructor critiques. Student not on Facebook may receive critique via email. 

ZOOM Classroom/2 hours

Six Weeks

Tuesdays, April 19-May 24 at 7PM EST (check your local time)



Payments can be made via Paypal: amydapice@gmail.com or by other arrangement. Write for details.

Times are hard for many. If cost is prohibitive, please let me know and we’ll work something out.

Please feel free to request additional info regarding course specifics. Also, share with anyone else who might be interested! Stay safe out there.