Quarantine and Evening Classes 2021!

Short classes that pack a lot of punch!

You may not be under lock and key, but your teacher will be! For two weeks, I’ll be quarantining in a Bangkok hotel room. And what better way to spend it than making art with you? 

Take advantage of this unique program offering one, two, and three day sessions on all things painting and drawing. ZOOM of course! 

1 DAY-TWO HOUR SESSIONS (Buy 3 get one for free!!)

$35 each


Gesture Drawing: Why and how do we use gesture? This skill is one of the most important foundations of art. Ink and pencil. Wednesday, October 6 at 8AM-10AM PST (check your local time)

Tonal Drawing: Learn how to use light and shadow to achieve a sense of volume in your drawings.  Class will cover pencil, ink, and charcoal techniques. Thursday, October 7 at 8AM-10AM PST (check your local)

The Head and its Features: essential information on the construction of the human head with line and value. Sunday, October 10 at 8AM-10AM PST (check your local)


The Dress: A simple garment can serve as a vehicle for the study of composition, human proportion, and basic watercolor. Monday, October 11 at 8AM-10AM PST (check your local)

“Plantness” in sketching and watercolor: tame mother nature! Techniques cover mixing greens, separating shapes within a composition, and expressing the personality of foliage! Tuesday, October 12 at 8AM-10AM PST (check your local)

Basic Color Theory: Understand the meaning of hue, value, temperature, and intensity in color choices and mixing. The class culminates in a watercolor painting. Wednesday, October 13 at 8AM-10AM PST (check your local)

2 DAYS-4 HOURS: Friday and Saturday, October 8-9 at 8AM-10AM

Beginning Watercolor: Ready to dive in and learn a new medium? The class will cover basic strategies for color mixing, washes, brush strokes, and composition. $70

3 DAYS-6 HOURS Thursday, Friday, and Saturday; October 14, 15, 16 at 8AM-10AM

Principles of Composition: Understand and implement the tools of creating an eye path, respecting edges, establishing focal point, and much more. 100$


Wabi Sabi Watercolor (all new projects!)

Wabi Sabi is defined as the celebration of imperfection. In this case, we embrace the practice of watercolor by letting go a little and seeing what the medium has to teach us. In addition to tried and true methods, we’ll explore the unconventional. Watercolor makes a lively base for other media such as ink, marker, colored pencil, etc. Layering can be liberating! 

Includes private Facebook group for critique and sharing.

Wednesdays, October 6-November 3

4PM PST (check your local time!)


Visage-The Portrait in Drawing and Watercolor

Heads, portraits, and self portraits in drawing and watercolor. We begin with basic construction and work up to the expression and interpretation of likeness using line, value, color, and composition. 

Includes private Facebook group for critique and sharing.

Thursdays, October 7-November 4

4PM PST (check your local time!)


The Essential Figure

Students can spend years learning to draw the figure, but it’s possible to master the basics in a fraction of that time. This course gets to the heart of what you really need to know in order to feel confident sketching people. 

-basic proportions

-landmarks of the human form

-simplification of the head

-small parts: hands, feet, ears, etc. 

Includes private Facebook group for critique and sharing.

Fridays, October 8-November 5

4PM PST (check your local time!)


For more detailed information and registration: amydapice@gmail.com


Payments can be made via Paypal: amydapice@gmail.com or by other arrangement. Write for details.

Times are hard for many. If cost is prohibitive, please let me know and we’ll work something out.

Please feel free to request additional info regarding course specifics. Also, share with anyone else who might be interested! Stay safe out there.