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What IS that funky smell?Well into my recent health kick, I am more sensitive to things that might make me sick as well as fat.This is my first day in the new studio and I am both excited and anxious about getting back to work.The building is nothing but work spaces for artists and craftsmen so who knows what chemical I’m smelling.Observations:the space is tiny…especially compared to my last studio which was a generous 800 square feet.I don’t know the dimensions here and don’t want to know.I can’t help but feel spoiled if I begin to complain….about anything really.These days I feel lucky just to be alive and healthy, not to mention my other blessings heaped on top of those basics.Jimmy, my children, my family…employment, talent, purpose, just to mention a few.But back to the new, tiny space…the ceiling is quite high which helps a lot.In fact my studio is taller than it is wide.

It’s a lovely day in Seattle so I’ve got the window wide open and …here comes the second observation, it’s really noisy out there. (Is it an observation if you don’t actually “see” it?) Upon inspection, I see there is a Hertz Equipment rental just across the street and there’s lots of motors running and metal clanking which I will put up with as long as the funky smell persists. In addition to the loud Hertz business, the famous Burke Gilman trail is just below my window and if I watch for any period of time, I see bikers or joggers going by. I like that very much. Best of all though, is the huge PEOPLES STORAGE sign filling nearly a third of my windows view…at least when I’m sitting down. At night it glows neon red and even during the day it’s a striking tomato color looking very vibrant sitting atop a green building…complimentary colors! Since my work space is so small, my window , with its sounds and sights, seems pretty important. To my delight, I can also see some of Seattle’s hills, made up of trees and rooftops, there are railroad tracks and one of Seattle’s bridges…not sure which one. I think I will have to draw all this.

No painting today…just settling in and figuring out what I need. After an initial visit with a tape measure, I went to Goodwill and bought a white wooden shelf to hold supplies and a high back upholstered chair which might seem like a luxury considering the space restrictions but in truth is an absolute necessity if I plan to spend any time here…which I do. I am in fact sitting in it right now with my laptop situated on my painting stool. Quite comfy! (Side note: although the chair is upholstered, it is very slender and tall. In fact, it’s proportions are similar to that of the studio.)

So far so good I would say.

Originally published on 2.16.2010

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