At the Airport

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We’re at the airport and absolutely bleary eyed.What a wild day.What a wild three weeks!After months of anticipation and planning, the day has finally arrived to leave for Asia.I have felt so much support and encouragement at school from my students and peers.I am a poster child for the sabbatical program.It’s meant to be good for me, my students, and the AI community…and I already feel as if I’ve accomplished a little of that just by sharing my excitement with anyone within earshot.I am SO jazzed!!

You know how when you go away for a weekend or off on a vacation, you always try to leave your house in order? It’s usually impossible, but most of us give it a try. Well the past few weeks have been like that except much, much bigger. I’ve been experiencing this strong urge to delete old emails, give stuff away to Goodwill, clean the microwave, sort through photographs, and answer long overdue letters. This is maddening. I have enough on my plate with the usual challenges of wrapping up the quarter and Christmas without having to all my wordly possessions into an 10×10’ room

My life in storage!
My life in storage!

and leave the country for six months.What joyful challenges.Jimmy and I moved all the “big” stuff last Monday, thinking we would just have odds and ends to take out today.HA!We couldn’t believe the pile (or should I say piles?) still present in the apartment.The day began with packing and ended up with packing, up and down the stairs, up and down the stairs, up and down the stairs, until finally we ended up at SeaTac Airport feeling giddy and exhausted.

Deciding what to put in my one suitcase was challenging.  More than half of the space was taken by products of some sort (see photos), and food supplements such as protein powder and vitamins.

Jim's toiletries
Jim’s toiletries
Amy's toiletries
Amy’s toiletries

I can’t imagine I won’t be able to find these things in Thailand, but I’m not taking a chance on my healthy diet going right out the window!  My guess is that most of what ended up in my bag will seem silly once I get there.  I did bring a few things to remind me of home…a homemade calendar from my daughter Kelsey and a homemade wine cork from my sister Moog.  There’s more of course….more I packed, more I want to say.  But we’re boarding soon and the next time I write, it will be from Bangkok.  Stay tuned.

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