Happy to go, Sorry to Leave

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When I arrived in the United States three months ago, my artist heart longed for the colors of Thailand.  In the studio I painted beach huts, abandoned sheds, jungle greenery.  My palette, hopelessly dislocated, reflected heat back up to me in the form of deep red orange and hot pink.

After a time I could not help but embrace the coolness of Seattle.  The old hometown looked brand new and I began to walk the streets as a tourist, gawking at the buildings and alleyways.  It was time to dig in.

"Post Avenue"

It’s been good.  I have spent precious time with loved ones, had the opportunity to share my passion for art with many students, gathered up materials for my next project, and personally witnessed the Seahawks win in overtime.  My cup runneth over.

Keep in touch.


Post Avenue and me

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