Vanishing Bainbridge

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Working on my sketch of the old Bainbridge Lumber building, I find myself wondering. Is it still standing?  During my last visit to the Island, I hadn’t heard of immediate plans for demolition, but it’s inevitable right?

From my perch halfway across the world, affection for this clunky blue structure wells up in me. There’s no need to draw straight lines for age makes everything crooked. The door sits dead center in the composition, the gate hangs open to the bay. Point White Drive makes an appearance in window reflections.

Change is inevitable and I do not complain. But this series, “Vanishing Bainbridge,” claims tribute to what has been loved and may soon be lost, or might already be for all I know. It is a celebration, a wake, a notice.

“Vanishing Bainbridge” the exhibition comes to The Art Project, June 2019.

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5 Responses

  1. Rita Moffitt

    This collection will be wonderful. It makes me aware of older structures that I see around my location as well. What’s there story, who lived there then and who lives there now and for how long.
    Keep up the good work

  2. John Ellis

    Amy, something is going on at the lumber building. We hope it’s some kind of restoration rather than demolition! Thanks for the thoughts on those familiar sights that seem to disappear too often. Seattle proper does a lousy job at holding onto the history, hope we’ll do better on bainbridge!


    Amy, I loved every painting in your exhibition! They have captured the essence of those places in a sunny, whimsical way that makes me smile. Thank you for capturing “Vanishing Bainbridge” for everyone. Sorry to be so greedy, but more, more, please.
    Maybe you could publish a book of them. I know I would buy it and I bet there would be so many others who would as well. Just a thought…

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