Trip Report: 5 Countries in 20 Drawings (#5)

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It is rare to find anyone, other than myself, in these “In the Mirror” drawings. Only a handful of cameos appear and this is one of them. My big sister Rita holds the sweet spot in the composition for several reasons, the least of which are her signature leopard print pajamas. This moment in time finds us packing for our big adventure on the Queen Mary 2 where we will cross the Atlantic together. 

Rita chooses from belongings stuffed into multiple closets and accumulated over a lifetime. This cornucopia of possessions highlights one of the differences between us. She stayed put while I moved from place to place, purging along the way. 

I sit on her bed and advise as she holds up this garment and that. As sisters, we share a precious and precarious familiarity.

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  1. Rita

    And what an adventure it was! I remember this beginning and loved the entire trip.
    I am delighted with my cameo and feel very special.
    Amy is my “big, little sister”…..meaning she’s my little sister but a Big force in my life

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