Trip Report: 5 Countries in 20 Drawings (#7)

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On the Queen Mary 2

We’re on the Queen Mary 2, the world’s last ocean liner. For the curious minded, an ocean liner is built specifically for long and rough voyages, as opposed to a cruise ship which I can only assume is built for…short and smooth voyages? But I digress. 

I am here to teach an art class for which I have dramatically overprepared. This is an entire chapter unto itself, so stay tuned. 

The ship exudes an old world elegance, and passengers are expected to wear proper attire while dining and dancing in the ballroom. My sister and I do our very best, but can’t help but feel we’re playing dress up. You can take the girl out of Jersey…

One of the “theme” nights is Red and Gold, coincidentally the colors of my sketch. Everything is shiny. 

Next stop: England!

Rita and Amy
at the
Red and Gold Theme Night!

Blog Project Description:
For more than three months I traveled-Thailand, the US, England, Portugal, and Spain. Drawing and painting is a powerful way to capture a specific place and time. Here are 20 works documenting the epic journey. They are not pictures of the most beautiful sights, or historical treasures, but rather a documentation of where I slept along the way. They represent a jumping off point for remembrance. 

Full In the Mirror Series Here.

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  1. Rita

    Mirrors everywhere! I love the one you selected, all that etching was gorgeous.
    We certainly rocked that night, Amy had a hand made silk skirt that turned heads.

  2. Jennifer

    Especially love the picture of you and Rita “playing dress-up” Both of you look gorgeous!

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