Art in a Time of Anxiety

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Above: “The GOP” 2017 The most profound lesson I learned in studying art history, is that art reflects the time in which it is made. It speaks to popular culture, economic shifts, historic events, and political winds. Art is not … Continued

Studio dream (nightmare)

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  I had my first studio nightmare. Panic-inducing dreams usually come in the form of being the student who forgot to go to class or a teacher who neglected to write the final exam. Other variations include the actress who didn’t … Continued


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“The whole must be greater than the sum of the parts”  -Herman Keys What do you do when you’re attached to a painting in progress, but know it’s got problems? Like having a bad friend or troubled child, you might … Continued

Making a Racket

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The studio is getting noisy. Paintings lay on the floor, lean against walls, chattering to each other. And to me. Today’s chosen one, propped up on the bamboo chair/easel, holds court in the designated place of honor. Sketches, tacked up with painter’s tape … Continued


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It may take hours, sometimes days. But eventually, it kicks in. The painting is wet, alive. Perfume of linseed oil and pigment waft up from the palette where mature, complex colors await my bidding. The body warm, the dance underway, … Continued