The Laundry Lady on Soi 5

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Once upon a time, Soi 5 had a big life. It was lined with guest houses and restaurants, massage parlors, and coffee shops. A Thai cooking school sat on one end, adding sounds of laughter and the smell of curry … Continued

A Portrait of Rebecca

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Chiang Mai, Thailand We sat on opposite sides of the room—me looking on—she, backlit by a window of brilliant light and color. Her white hair glowed along the edges, a bead of bright blue graced the silhouette of her outfit. … Continued

Inside the Moat

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Sometimes when you least expect it, small endeavors huddle up, start talking to each other, and conspire to become a major project. Here’s a good example. My street sketching practice has officially become an obsession and how could it not … Continued

The Color Pink

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What do you think about pink? It gets mixed reviews. Some regard it as sickeningly sweet and associated with Pepto Bismol, princesses, ballerinas, and Barbie dolls. On the other hand, it’s bright, playful, and upbeat. Too much could drive a … Continued

Studio dream (nightmare)

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  I had my first studio nightmare. Panic-inducing dreams usually come in the form of being the student who forgot to go to class or a teacher who neglected to write the final exam. Other variations include the actress who didn’t … Continued

Chedi at Wat Pan Tao

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  “Chedi at Wat Pan Tao” size, mixed media,* 28″ x 42′ The pra chedi of Wat Pan Tao was under repair. Bamboo scaffolding echoed its elegant shape pointing up to the heavens. From around the corner, the chedi appeared … Continued

The Old and New

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In Thailand, the old and the new are layered like a patchwork quilt. Many days I passed this scene, at scooter speed, failing to notice the northern Thai dwelling hidden between more contemporary elements: hotel, water tower, fence. A magnificent … Continued