Drawing the Shed

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The second I laid eyes on that crumbling shed I knew I had to draw it. Located on the property of good friends Jeff and Carol, the tiny building looked like it might collapse if a birdie sat on it. With crazy lines and intersections from every angle, I decided to draw my favorite three.

Art Lessons

Having three separate images in a single composition makes it even more important to do a little pre-planning.  I started with a small thumbnail (is there any other size?) drawn unceremoniously on the back of my sketchpad.  I was looking for the rhythm of the angles and the best distribution of darks and lights.  Once I decided on my design plan it was time to draw!

the shed thumbnail

Working lightly, I let the drawing develop organically, moving from one side of the shed to another until everything fit well on the page.   Getting a little tired, I brought out a chair from the house but quickly realized the shed and all it’s wonky angles looked completely different if I sat two feet lower.  Damn.  No rest for the wicked.

Step 1:  draw lightly with pencil, mapping out the design and putting in the big shapes.

Step 2:  use ink, keeping it loose and spontaneous

Step 3:  shade with a soft pencil

Step 4:  further refine with ink, pencil, and a little erasing (only the most egregious parts)

*note to self:  don’t kill it with excessive detail or clean up!

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