Hotel Rattanasin: In the Mirror

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Ranong, Thailand.  A town that shares a border with Burma and is gateway to some of the prettiest islands off the coast.  I stayed a few nights at the Hotel Rattanasin, an aged beauty with steep wooden stairways and high ceilings.  It’s halls and rooms are now empty of decoration or fancy furnishings, only the barest of comforts remain.  I found it delightful and full of character.

“In the Mirror” is a series of drawings which include a reflected self portrait.  It’s not so much about me, I am simply a unifying element, the common thread.  More than anything, I do this so I remember being in that place and time.  Drawing is a powerful journal.

Although it felt a little like cheating, I moved the dresser so that the reflection was more interesting.  Otherwise it would have been just me and a blank wall.

See the entire “In the Mirror” series here:


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