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The Color Pink

What do you think about pink? It gets mixed reviews. Some regard it as sickeningly sweet and associated with Pepto Bismol, princesses, ballerinas, and Barbie dolls. On the other hand, it’s bright, playful, and upbeat. Too much could drive a person mad, while the right amount makes us smile. Maybe it’s all about proportion. I’m […]


About a Mural

What so special about a mural? It’s not decisions regarding color or line—those are the same as in a traditional painting. The rules of composition remain constant—creating an eye path, establishing focal points, addressing the edges, distribution of light. Similar tools are employed: paint, brushes, rags, gloves, mixing knives. So what’s different? Your first guess […]


At the Airport

We’re at the airport and absolutely bleary eyed.What a wild day.What a wild three weeks!After months of anticipation and planning, the day has finally arrived to leave for Asia.I have felt so much support and encouragement at school from my students and peers.I am a poster child for the sabbatical program.It’s meant to be good […]