New Neighbors in Thailand

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There is a small grocery store that sits just across the street from our new house, not much more than thirty feet away.  We have learned during our first ten days in the neighborhood that this little store is a veritable hub of activity from dawn till dusk.  We don’t mind.  The voices carry over and it’s good practice to hear all that Thai spoken even if we can only understand every other word (when we’re lucky).  I’ve gotten to the point though where I can tell if they’re talking politics rather than groceries and I enjoy it all the more because of the language barrier.  Sometimes I wish this was the case when I’m overhearing conversations in English.

In the evening, the middle aged couple who own the store play badminton out on the street.  We’ve been asked to join them and while we didn’t totally embarrass ourselves, it’s clear the Thais could easily kick our ass.  We’ve since purchased our own rackets.

The store is a perfect example of the challenge to sketch extreme light and shadow.  Not wanting to attract attention (everyone notices what everyone else is doing around here) I sketched this looking through my fence.  I did take a few reference photos between the slats but because of the extreme lighting, the pictures are less than clear.  I actually like this because I am not tempted to copy the photos but rather use them strictly for my own devices.

Playing with the “levels” of exposure in photoshop enables me to see a more information in the dark spaces.

Till next time.  Keep in touch!!

Art Lessons:  There is a strong horizontal thrust to this composition.  Luckily, the yellow flag and the blue awning on the right side serves to point you back in!



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