Trip report: 5 Countries in 20 Drawings (#3)

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After a brief reprieve, I’m back to living out of a suitcase. Several in fact. I’ve packed enough for two states, three countries, and an ocean liner, not to mention enough art supplies to go the distance. I will live to regret this excess, the details of which I will happily share, but for now I don’t want to get ahead of my story. 

Sunshine House, Boulder, Colorado. Simultaneously, I visit my daughter and revisit a chapter from my own past. In an earlier chapter of my life, I called Denver home. My first child was born here. 

The surroundings are similar inside the house and out: back to nature with lots of wood, greenery, and fresh air. 

My Kelsey takes good care of me, whipping up something organic in the kitchen while I sketch. 

In the Mirror Series here:

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