Hippy Hut

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“The Hut”  8″x 10″ Mixed media on no name sketchbook paper.

Southern Thailand, unnamed Island.  I have moved from a bungalow to a hut.  I’m not entirely sure what the difference is but this little dwelling has hut written all over it.  For one thing it’s made entirely of raw, dark wood (a lot of it looks like scrap wood) and you can see the ground through the floorboards.  The railings on the porch are made from tree branches giving it a fairytale quality I love.  If you added a little color, this would be a perfect home for munchkins.  The only thing not brown is the pink mosquito net hanging over my bed.

Oh, and there’s the toilet, a stunning duet of orange and blue.  These are complementary colors which means when placed side by side they are at their very best. Mix them together and you get a perfect gray.  I think there is some deep metaphor here about relationships but I don’t have the strength today to sort it out.  Anybody?

My series “In the Mirror,” has its challenges one of them being the location of the mirror required.  Quite often it’s in the toilet. (Side note:  I was not brought up to use the word “toilet” and it still sounds crude to my ears but in this part of the world it is entirely appropriate.  Trust me.  “Bathroom” would just be wrong.) In the case of my hippy hut, the room was so small I literally had to squeeze between the wall and the bowl in order to see my reflection.  Being in the tropics, it was hot as hell and my hands were sweaty holding the pencil.  No matter, I am fascinated that the cerulean blue plumbing just about matches the color of the sky.

“Toilet, Ow Yai Bungalows”  8″x 10″ Mixed media;  In the Mirror Series



  1. Sybil

    Still one of my favourite times and dwellings. Sign me up for the lessons and blog. Woohoo!

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