Announcing the Henry J. Williams Residency of Writing

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The selected writer will be provided a spacious workroom, desk, chair, computer, and other writing tools. There is access to a full kitchen as well as sleeping place. In the surrounding neighborhood, there are numerous restaurants, as well as cheap massage parlors.

Terms of Residency: write full time for 30 days and see what you can accomplish.

Before you get too excited or attempt to download the application, I must inform you,  this program was created by me and I am its solo recipient. Why the heck not? Recently encouraged by a book dealing with the challenges of being a writer, I decided to award myself a residency and take it seriously. Henry J. Williams was my father and a damn good writer. He died in 1960 at the age of 42. His marvelous letters, passed down by my mother, are a huge inspiration to me. Emboldened by heavenly cheerleading, I have taken over the guest room and turned it into a writing studio. Here, under the spiritual watch of both mother and father, I shall toil passionately. Or at least consistently.

-Set a strict writing schedule and stick to it. Sit down at the desk with that first cup of coffee, followed by the second, and stay there until you’re in the zone.
-Do not allow yourself to be distracted by any other chores, obligations, or random impulses.
-Take an hour (only) for lunch.
-Resume work for the afternoon until 4 or so.
-Exercise afterward so you don’t lose your mind having spent most of the day sitting in front of a computer.
-Absolutely, stay off the internet except for designated research time. (Emails are strictly considered “personal” and shall not be read or answered during work hours.)
-Keep a journal/log of what gets accomplished each day.

writing I’m working on a memoir about my beloved mother, Honey. It’s a project I began about twenty years ago. Twenty years. Granted, I took some time off to do other things, (maybe 17 years?) so I haven’t exactly been slacking, but nevertheless, this is taking a very long time to complete. It’s time for the big push.  This “residency” will not only serve to move things forward, but also provide some insight as to how much longer it might take.  Wish me luck and stay tuned.

Day one: Monday, March 2. 

An excerpt of the memoir, “Honey.”



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