Bowing at the Shan Temple

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Bowing at the Shan Temple

I hadn’t planned on drawing today; there were too many other things on the agenda. But it called me, the city so inviting, my body longing for the physical. Lately I’d been spending far too many hours in front of the computer.  Stuffing my pack with art supplies, folding stool, water, and hat, I headed out into the relative cool of the Chiang Mai morning. Destination: Wat Pa Pao, a Shan temple just outside the moat of the old city.

With so many interesting aspects to the site, it was hard to choose, but I settled on one of the four gates surrounding the temple. All of them had been built low to insure visitors would have to bow upon entering. Now, stooped over with age, they also bow to the temple.

For more information on this site, go to:…/shan-temple-wat-pa-p…/



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