Trip Report: 5 Countries in 20 Drawings #13

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Hotel Alnacir, Faro, Portugal

When it comes to this blog, my goal is to make a long story short. I’m doing great but obviously you’ll have to take my word for it. 

At last the time had come to head south and meet up with my friend Ina. Unfortunately, the airlines knew nothing of my reservation and I madly (in cartoon fashion) hopped a taxi to the train station. Unfortunately, the next train was full. Unfortunately is the theme of this report. Six hours later, I was on my way to Faro. 

My hotel had the worlds smallest lift and my room smelled moldy. Quite exhausted at this point, I threw open the windows and the situation improved somewhat. I would be remiss not to mention that Faro has its charms and but for the transient nature of my circumstances, might have been a lovely stay. 

Next stop: Santa Lucia and a friendly face! 

Sketched in the underbelly of the train station. I gave this to the vendor and she insisted on feeding me in return!

The Blog here. 
Project Description:
For more than three months I traveled-Thailand, the US, England, Portugal, and Spain. Drawing and painting is a powerful way to capture a specific place and time. Here are 20 works documenting the epic journey. They are not pictures of the most beautiful sights, or historical treasures, but rather a documentation of where I slept along the way. They represent a jumping off point for remembrance. 

In the Mirror series here Drawings and paintings done on location whenever I am away from home. An artist/traveler’s visual diary. 

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  1. Rita

    I think it is so adorable when you give away your art, I imagine that vendor was really happy

  2. susan W jackson

    This is a great one! What caught my attention was your face…almost all in shadow with a teeny tiny spot of white on the nose. It reads beautifully.
    Happy New Year, my friend!

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