Trip Report: 5 Countries in 20 Drawings #15

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At the Holiday Inn Express, Lisbon, Portugal

Note from Amy! Thanks for reading my friends. I have some new classes coming up for you or someone you love. Link here! 

Ina dropped me at the train station with plenty of time to spare.  After waving goodbye, I discovered I had misread my ticket and missed the train. 

If you read my last installment, you will recognize these words. “There was no WIFI, no coffee, shop, no English, and no way to contact my friend… I hauled by bags into town in search of modern communication. Lesson learned.” 

Ground hog day! 

Remember when I missed the plane and had to take the train? Now I missed the train and had to take the bus. At this rate, I’ll be pulling into Lisbon in an ox cart. The bus station was predictably dreary, but I took comfort in knowing I would get to my destination in due time. 

Many hours later, I arrived at the Holiday Inn Express. The sketch reflects my mood as well as the ambience.  

Next stop: Barcelona, Spain! Yippppeeee!!! 

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Project Description:
For more than three months I traveled-Thailand, the US, England, Portugal, and Spain. Drawing and painting is a powerful way to capture a specific place and time. Here are 20 works documenting the epic journey. They are not pictures of the most beautiful sights, or historical treasures, but rather a documentation of where I slept along the way. They represent a jumping off point for remembrance. 

In the Mirror series here Drawings and paintings done on location whenever I am away from home. An artist/traveler’s visual diary. 

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