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It may take hours, sometimes days. But eventually, it kicks in. The painting is wet, alive. Perfume of linseed oil and pigment waft up from the palette where mature, complex colors await my bidding. The body warm, the dance underway, … Continued

Searching for Subject Matter

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“It’s not what you paint. It’s how you paint it.” -Helen Van Wyk There’s truth in that statement. Van Gogh transformed worn leather and scruffy boot laces into swirling masses of sensual paint, playful silhouettes backlit by a golden field. Pop artist, Wayne Thiebaud, chose … Continued

About Nancy: How to fix a drawing

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The evening proved lively: wine and appetizers on the patio, playing badminton in our cocktail dresses, dinner, and then drawing. In her studio/office/workout space, Nancy and I crouched on the floor, sketching ourselves in the mirror. My piece started out fine, but … Continued

Atlantic City

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Note from Amy: The following is an excerpt from my memoir, “Honey.” Mother had given me the precious photograph, and I lost it. Many things disappear from the life of a gypsy. Mother remarked she had used up an entire page of her … Continued

Painting Thailand in America

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“Abandoned Shed”  oil on canvas 36″ x 36″ After such a long absence, unpacking my art supplies felt like a grand reunion with beloved friends. My oil paints were just where I left them, laying side by side shrouded in … Continued

Drawing the Shed

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The second I laid eyes on that crumbling shed I knew I had to draw it. Located on the property of good friends Jeff and Carol, the tiny building looked like it might collapse if a birdie sat on it. … Continued

At the Airport

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We’re at the airport and absolutely bleary eyed.What a wild day.What a wild three weeks!After months of anticipation and planning, the day has finally arrived to leave for Asia.I have felt so much support and encouragement at school from my … Continued

Missing Seattle: Top ten things

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This morning I walked my dog Roxy out  in the drizzly damp which will typify the  Seattle weather for the next five months or so.  I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself because no matter how cold, how dark, how god … Continued

Seattle Studio

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What IS that funky smell?Well into my recent health kick, I am more sensitive to things that might make me sick as well as fat.This is my first day in the new studio and I am both excited and anxious about … Continued