Peripheral Vision

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What keeps an artist working? Is it inspiration or a muse? Sometimes it’s far more practical, like an actual job. You know, for the money. Many consider it a pastime, or a passion. Art making can also be about seeking … Continued

The Laundry Lady on Soi 5

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Once upon a time, Soi 5 had a big life. It was lined with guest houses and restaurants, massage parlors, and coffee shops. A Thai cooking school sat on one end, adding sounds of laughter and the smell of curry … Continued

Hello…it’s me.

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Whoa. It’s been almost two years since my last blog post. I’m blaming it on the pandemic because… I can. The good news is that I’m alive and doing well! I sure hope you are too. For the past year … Continued

A Lost Umbrella in Penang

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I lost my umbrella in Penang, Malaysia. It was the morning of our departure and I noticed its absence as soon as I started packing. A slight panic set in.  Our room at the Apollo Inn was small and it … Continued

A Journey in Five Drawings

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North Carolina.  I am a guest at my cousin’s house. Technically, she’s my first cousin-once removed. We looked it up. The place is charming and neat—tended to, I would say. Young couples seem inclined to pay attention to certain details that … Continued

Vanishing Bainbridge

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Working on my sketch of the old Bainbridge Lumber building, I find myself wondering. Is it still standing?  During my last visit to the Island, I hadn’t heard of immediate plans for demolition, but it’s inevitable right? From my perch … Continued

A Portrait of Rebecca

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Chiang Mai, Thailand We sat on opposite sides of the room—me looking on—she, backlit by a window of brilliant light and color. Her white hair glowed along the edges, a bead of bright blue graced the silhouette of her outfit. … Continued

Inside the Moat

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Sometimes when you least expect it, small endeavors huddle up, start talking to each other, and conspire to become a major project. Here’s a good example. My street sketching practice has officially become an obsession and how could it not … Continued

A Blue Motel

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Zion, Utah. Monumental. Magnificent. Magical. Lofty words woefully insufficient to describe the landscape surrounding me. Rich bands of burnt orange, pink, and yellow reveal the architecture of time, weather, and water. In the cracks and along ridge tops, feisty bands … Continued