Peripheral Vision

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What keeps an artist working? Is it inspiration or a muse? Sometimes it’s far more practical, like an actual job. You know, for the money. Many consider it a pastime, or a passion. Art making can also be about seeking … Continued

The Laundry Lady on Soi 5

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Once upon a time, Soi 5 had a big life. It was lined with guest houses and restaurants, massage parlors, and coffee shops. A Thai cooking school sat on one end, adding sounds of laughter and the smell of curry … Continued

Hello…it’s me.

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Whoa. It’s been almost two years since my last blog post. I’m blaming it on the pandemic because… I can. The good news is that I’m alive and doing well! I sure hope you are too. For the past year … Continued

A Lost Umbrella in Penang

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I lost my umbrella in Penang, Malaysia. It was the morning of our departure and I noticed its absence as soon as I started packing. A slight panic set in.  Our room at the Apollo Inn was small and it … Continued

A Journey in Five Drawings

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North Carolina.  I am a guest at my cousin’s house. Technically, she’s my first cousin-once removed. We looked it up. The place is charming and neat—tended to, I would say. Young couples seem inclined to pay attention to certain details that … Continued

Vanishing Bainbridge

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Working on my sketch of the old Bainbridge Lumber building, I find myself wondering. Is it still standing?  During my last visit to the Island, I hadn’t heard of immediate plans for demolition, but it’s inevitable right? From my perch … Continued